Smart Home System For Commercial Project

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Prime Malaysia Conference Room in Putrajaya

Implemented intellegently control the lighting depending on the time of the day and the brightness of the room. Simplified the controls of the whole lighting system.

Birch Restaurant at DC Mall, Kuala Lumpur

Implemented a dynamic lighting system that adapts intuitively to external weather conditions, alleviating any concerns for staff regarding illumination. This self sustaining system autonomously manages lighting adjustments and even proactively alerts us should any irregularities arise, guaranteeing a worry free lighting experience.

Institute Kemahiran Malaysia

Provided Malaysia the smart home training facilities. To train the new generation with our technology, so that the students will know what is a real smart home and what is a gimmicks.

German Malaysian Institute

The most advanced classroom we have provide for this training facility. The students in GMI able to learn the KNX system which is the only Open Building Automation technology.

Tenaga National Berhad Solar Farm Centre of Excellence

Implementing intelligent lighting management , streamlining the control interface for the entire smart office infrastructure, and integrating interconnected climate sensors to oversee water supply levels and promptly notify staff when necessary.

Raja Haji Fisabilillah Mosque

Implemented intelligent automated blinds that seamlessly regulate their operation in response to changing lighting conditions. This cutting-edge technology ensures a hassle-free and efficient adjustment of blinds, optimizing natural light utilization and enhancing overall user experience.

Our Accomplishments in Commercial project