Madoc Integration Solution Sdn. Bhd.

What We Do

Providing the best Real smart home systems

A 'Real' Smart Home takes care of itself

'Life at home is like flying on autopilot! My Madoc Smart Home and I think alike. If I ever want to change something, a single press on a switch is enough.”

Simple to Use

“Even Grandpa can adjust the lights when he comes over to babysit!”

Multimedia Control

  • ‘Movie Mode’ at the touch of a button
  • Control TVs, projectors, speakers, lighting and more for the most immersive experience
  • No need for multiple remotes!
  • Control via. the free app or a switch on the wall

Smart Multiroom Audio

  • Wake up to your favorite playlist
  • Play music automatically when you enter a room
  • Control from the free app or a switch on the wall
  • Endless scalability
  • Smart doorbell, alarm clock and burglar alarm sounder
  • Compatible with Spotify, Google Play Music and Tunein
  • Text-to-speech functionality
  • And more!


Our extensive lighting range can give you absolutely breathtaking lighting moods in any room. Chandeliers to Spotlights, our solution offers you the flexibility to integrate any light source you wish.

Heating & Cooling

Our solution can make sure each individual room is always at the correct temperature for you, with great air quality to boot.


For us, security is far more than just protection against break-ins. Our multi-tier solution provides comprehensive protection for both your property and those inside.

Blind Control

Make your blinds do more by coupling them with our products. Or maybe you have awnings or shutters that need controlling? No problem Madoc has got you covered.

Multimedia & Music

From making announcements to greeting you with jazz music as you enter, our media control solution lets you connect and control all manner of entertainment devices. We cover televisions to multiroom audio systems.

Access Control

Our solution offers intelligently customisable access control. From two-way audio and video intercoms to NFC and pin keypads, with individual user management locally or remotely from your trusted devices.

Why choose a Real Smart Home System

There are numerous reason to opt for a real smart home. Intuitive control, endless possibilities, affordability, etc. With Madoc, your entire home will work as one harmonious system, meaning the lighting, heating, blinds and more will all work in tandem together to create a truly intelligent home that thinks for itself.

Here are just 5 reasons why you should consider using smart home technology: