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Revolutionising Home Lighting: Discover Madoc's Smart Lighting Solutions

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In the dynamic world of smart home technology, lighting has evolved from a mere functional element to an integral part of our daily lives. At Madoc Integration Solution Sdn. Bhd., based in Kuala Lumpur, we’re redefining the role of lighting in homes with our innovative smart lighting solutions. Our article explores the transformative power of RGBW mood lighting and circadian lighting, demonstrating why Madoc’s smart home systems are indispensable for a modern, efficient, and comfortable home.

The Magic of RGBW Mood Lighting:

Imagine a home where lighting adapts not only to your activities but also to your emotions. That’s the magic of RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White) lighting, a cornerstone of Madoc’s smart home offerings. This technology lets you paint your rooms with colours that match your mood, from the warmth of a sunset to the calmness of an ocean. It’s not just about aesthetics; RGBW lighting doubles as an intelligent signalling system. Visualise your lights flashing gently to remind you of an upcoming appointment or slowly transitioning to a soft glow as bedtime approaches. This blend of personalization and automation marks a new era in home lighting.

Circadian Lighting:

Synchronising with Nature: Circadian lighting, another innovative feature at Madoc, brings the rhythm of natural daylight into your home. This technology aligns the colour temperature of your lights with your biological clock, promoting well-being, mood enhancement, and productivity. Studies, like one published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, highlight how circadian lighting positively influences sleep quality, mood, and cognitive function. Madoc’s smart lighting, equipped with tune-able white light, integrates these benefits seamlessly into your home environment.

Intelligent Lux Level Control: 

In spaces where consistent lighting is key, such as study or meeting rooms, Madoc’s systems shine by maintaining a constant lux level. Utilising natural sunlight as much as possible, the system automatically adjusts artificial lighting based on external conditions. This not only ensures the perfect lighting environment but also conserves energy, adapting intelligently to changing weather and light conditions.

Advanced Dimming for Every Room:

With Madoc’s smart lighting system, every room in your home can enjoy the benefits of dimmable LED lighting. This feature allows for a soft lighting effect, creating a welcoming atmosphere without the harsh glare of bright lights. Imagine entering a dark room to a gentle, ambient glow that gradually brightens, offering both comfort and visual appeal. Our system can also adjust brightness based on the time of day. For instance, a late-night trip to the bathroom can trigger lights at just 10% brightness, providing sufficient illumination to navigate safely without fully waking you. In the bathroom, the lights can softly lid up to 20-30%, ensuring a serene and comfortable environment.

  • Energy Efficiency through Smart Technology:  Embracing energy efficiency, our smart home lighting can lead to more than 50% energy savings by intuitively managing room occupancy. Lights turn on when you enter a room and off when it’s vacant, eliminating wasteful energy usage and contributing to a sustainable future.
  • Unparalleled Lighting Control Technologies: Madoc’s smart home systems are equipped with cutting-edge lighting control technologies: Relay System Control: Simple and effective, our relay system facilitates hassle-free on and off control.
  • Versatile Dimming Options: With Phase-cut dimmers, 0-10v, and PWM DC dimming, our systems offer complete control over lighting ambiance.
  • DALI System: This digital lighting management tool allows for grouping lights without rewiring, ideal for flexible space usage.
  • Circadian Rhythm Support: Our LED fittings are specially designed to support circadian lighting, enriching your living environment. Catering to diverse needs, we offer both wired and wireless systems, ensuring seamless integration into your home.

Two-Year Guarantee on Smart Lighting:

At Madoc, we stand by the quality and reliability of our smart lighting solutions. We are proud to offer a two-year guarantee on our smart lighting products. Should any issues arise within this period, we will replace and install the necessary components at no additional cost to you. This guarantee reflects our commitment to providing you with not just smart lighting solutions, but peace of mind as well.


Madoc Smart Home Lighting is not just about illuminating spaces; it’s about redefining your living experience. By combining comfort, efficiency, and innovation, we offer solutions that transform your home into a responsive, energy-efficient haven. With Madoc, you step into a world where lighting does more than light up a room—it enhances your life.

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